Every One Is Special

tyson merrell 7

Development of theme Analysis

So the setting,plot,characters all help my theme. my theme is every one is special in there own way. my setting takes place in a city that has a pond,new tenements the rest is just normal city.so lets meet the characters,there's Kevin who's smarter than a dictionary. but he has a disabilty that makes him so he cant grow so. Kevin is a yellow haired kid with crutches. so now lets meet max max is huge for his grade but he cant learn that great.he grew so fast that grim said he was going to half to go bear foot that's how i got my theme.

Reflection and application of theme

my reaction to my theme is its true. People have there strong sides and there weak sides,like Kevin is smarter than dictionary,but he cant walk as good as other people. But max cant learn that good but he big and athletic. in my opinion the author developed the theme pretty good. By putting it in where it needs to be.in our genoration the theme does apilys because people will get made fun of for being not the same. or the could be good at something and be really popular.

picture section


so the book is called freak the mighty. The Authors name is Rodman Philbrick .so Kevin and max meet in preschool. but after that they don't see each other till Kevin moves in next door. they become friends they pretend to go on wild adventures like slaying dragons battling nights but that's in freaks mind.so one day maxes dad gets out from prison and kid napes max bur freak saves Max by sqerting his dad in the eye. with his water gun but it had soap and vinger in it. but later in the book on Kevin he has a seger and he passes away soon after that.