A Little Bit Scary

By Kaia Kelly

You may think Spikey is a little bit scary, but...

Spikey will use his body as a bed for the homeless.

He works at a circus.

And, gives his kids chocolate chip pancakes on Sundays!

Good Deeds

  • Spikey helps build new schools.
  • Spikey flies while carrying people to certain destinations.
  • Spikey makes smore's for poor families.


Spikey Fire, is Spikey's full name. Spikey, is an only child, and yhas a pet lizard!


Spikey, plays soccer for Red Fire. He is the fastest on the team. Spikey, loves to draw, and is very good at it. Spikey, loves entertaining people by singing, dancing, doing soccer tricks, and other things like that.

Spikey's Favorite Things

Spikey, loves when his mom makes chocolate ice cream with a brownie and cookie on top. He loves helping the poor. Spikey says "It makes me feel good,"!