Mrs. Grimmett's Class

Getting Carried Away in First Grade


April 12th - Run for the Roses to support TEAM Mikayla!

April 21st-23rd - Shutdown Days for STAAR Testing!!!! *

May 1st - Buddy Day

*Parents are not allowed on campus during Shutdown days due to testing in the other grade levels.

Spring Pictures - Please make sure to return any spring pictures that you do not wish to keep. If you would like to keep them, please return your payment in the provided envelope. If you order online, please return the envelope with the order code on it so that the school will know that you have paid for your pictures. Thanks!

Please make sure your child comes prepared for school every day. This means that they have a signed blue folder brought to school with them every day. They also need to have their library books so that they can read them in class. They are getting ready to become second graders and need to learn how to be responsible. Also, students begin coming into the classroom at 7:45 a.m. Announcements begin at 7:50 and we begin class promptly at 8:00. If your student is arriving to school at 8:00, they are missing out on the beginning of our day while they are getting unpacked and ready to join us.

Writer's Workshop

We are editing our books from the beginning of the year! We will be going back and learning how to revise/edit, add details, and find spelling errors. We will then recreate one of our old books to see how far we have come!

Reader's Workshop

In reading we will be concentrating on the most important part of the story, or the climax. The climax of a story takes place when the conflict is resolved. It is when the story changes for better or for worse for the character. We will be reading books such as Walter the Farting Dog, Pocket Full of Kisses and Help Me Mr. Mutt to learn all about climax!


We are learning how to do Buddy Study! You should have received a letter about this already.

In first grade, we set the groundwork for how your child will be learning new spelling/vocab words throughout elementary. We will be teaching them how to go through the process by using the words we come up with in our phonics lesson each week. This past week we worked with "bossy r" words (vowels and r). The next 2 weeks we will be working on 2 vowels together such as ee, ea, ai, and ay.

Make sure your child is studying their word lists. They will be taking a test on those words every Friday!


We are reviewing our numbers! We are learning to add 10 and take away 10 from any number. We are going to be going back over place value and expanded form.


We have begun our plant unit. We will spend a while discussing plant parts, needs, life cycle, and more! This is a pretty long unit.

Social Studies

We will be learning about land forms!