Purple Team Weekly Update

Week of 3/30-4/3

Upcoming Due Dates

Homework and due dates found here: https://www.webster.k12.mo.us/Page/19268

Classroom Happenings

ELA- Mr. Gasparovic & Mrs. Wells

This week students reviewed ‘author’s purpose’ using various sources, including an article written by a NASA astronaut and a ‘positive’ newcast featuring John Krasinski.

Science- Mr. Geringer & Mr. Hayes

This week in science students reviewed their energy unit that we completed prior to spring break. Each day hosted a small section of review. Students will be introduced to a new unit dealing with waves. This will be translated through a mix of different activities to explore the various concepts.

Social Studies- Mr. Gasparovic & Dr. Rachal

In Social Studies students began their exploration of Civil Rights with a refresher of the 27 amendments to the Constitution. Next week, we journey through a brief review of Civil War era America starting with a vocabulary activity and then learning about the differences between the North and South prior to the secession of the Southern states.


We are most readily available by email. Below are our school phone numbers you’d like to contact us by phone. Reaching out by phone only allows you to leave a voicemail that will be returned later.

Office Hours

Gasparovic 1-2 pm

Geringer 9am-12pm MWF 11-12pm Tuesday and Thursday

Hayes 1pm-2pm

Pangelinan 11am-12pm

Rachal 1pm-2pm

Wells 1pm-2pm

We will hold Zoom sessions M-W-F following the amended class schedule posted in Google classroom. These are voluntary sessions intended to help students who have questions that have not been addressed through email.

-Dane, Eric, Matt, Sheri and Sherri

Contact Us

Mr. Gasparovic: gasparovic.dane@wgmail.org 314-918-4656

Mr. Geringer: geringer.matt@wgmail.org 314-918-4573

Mr. Hayes: hayes.eric@wgmail.org 314-918-4575

Dr. Rachal: rachal.sherri@wgmail.org 314-918-4574

Mrs. Wells: wells.sheri@wgmail.org 314-918-4570