Which Car Should YOU Buy?

We'll tell you which car has the best value based on pre-cal

Which Car Should You Buy?

Looking for the perfect sedan? Then look no further than the Toyato Prius! This stylish car offers you a sense of luxury, reliability, and conservation. You can feel in control with this car! You can finally experience life with this car! You can start to enjoy driving to work again with this car! You can be YOU with this car. When comparing the Toyato Prius to the Volvo S80, Mazda Mazda3, and the Buick Regal, it is the obvious choice to choose the Toyato Prius. Below are some reasons why....

Why YOU Should Buy The Toyota Prius!

1. The Toyota Prius had the lowest depreciation rate out of all four cars. During each year, the Prius had a lower depreciation rate than any other car. From 2013-2012, its rate was 4.84% while the Volvo S80 was 4.86%, Mazda Mazda 3 was 12.08% and the Buick Regal was 9.55%, This was in the first year alone.

2. The overall depreciation rate for the Toyato Prius is 8.04%. This is extremley low compared to the other cars.

3. The Vovlo S80 had an overall depreciation rate was 11.27%. This is higher than the Prius and there for not the best car to purchase.

4. The Mazda Mazda3 had an overall depreciation rate of 9.24%. Although this is only slightly higher than the Prius, it is still not the best deal.

5. The Buick Regal had an overall depreciation rate of 13.11%. This is the highest rate and is therefor not the best car to select.

The numbers speak for themselves! The Toyota Prius is by far the best car to purchase as it keeps its value the longest out of these other cars. In addition to having a wonderful value, here are some other reasons to buy this car.

1. It comes in an elegant "pearl" color.

2. You will be very eco-friendly if you purchase this car since it is a hybrid.

3. Your neighbors, book club members, and children will be jealous of this car.

4. When you buy this car, we will give you a dozen cookies... for free!

5. The car is just fabulous.

Prices For The Cars!

Volvo S80 Prices






Toyota Prius Prices






Mazda Mazda3 Prices






Buick Regal Prices

2013 - $30439

2012 - $27530

2011 - $23070

2010 - $20555

2009 - $17350


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Graph Information:

Red line represents Volvo S80

Yellow line represents Buick Regal

Green line represents Toyota Pruis

Blue line represents Mazda Mazda3