mayor Samantha

Hear 'Bout Wind Here! Hear 'Bout It.

In Birdville we use wind to help us with our clean air.Another thing is that it helps us breath better air than other villages and city's! One thing is that we have windmills so then if we need air we have windmills to get air.

How Do Windmills Work?

Windmills have a cell which has something that turns the windmills macel that turns and allows to blow earths air out.Also you can get better air thanks to the windmills macel! You need this to help you in your life and need to learn how this all works.

Here Are Some Pictures Of Windmills And How They Work!:

these are windmills:

These windmills helps us here in BirdVille so that is all we use i this villagge to help us out on clean air!!!!

Wind mills are fun!

Okay that was it for today and our village is full of clean fresh air so you might want to com and live here!