Ocean Currents

By Abbey Brandenburg

3 Big Ideas I Learned...

What causes ocean currents?

Ocean currents can be created by wind, density differences in water masses caused by temperature and salinity dissimilarity, gravity, and phenomenons such as earthquakes.

How strong is an ocean current?

Earthquakes may also trigger rapid movement of sediments, conducting turbidity currents powerful enough to snap submarine communication cables.

What kinds of currents are there?

Surface currents are created mostly by wind. Surface wind-driven currents make upwelling currents in conjunction with landforms, generating deepwater currents.

2 Questions I Still Have...

What is Coriolis?

Do waves cause currents or do currents cause waves?

1 Way This Information Affects Our Daily Lives...

This information keeps us aware of future storms. It helps us be precautions and take the correct preparations in order to stay safe.