Soil Science


Why We Need Dirt!

Most people avoid dirt and actually dirt is a good thing! If you think about it dirt is a good thing it helps us grow corn, beans, cucumbers, and pumpkins! If we didn't have dirt we wouldn't be healthy! Vegetables are very important to the human body! We also wouldn't have fruits like apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, and mangos, because all of those fruits grow on trees to grow a tree you have to have SOIL!!!

Take A Look!

You probably think there's just dirt in the environment, think again! There are five layers underground. They are all very important to this world! Their names are: Ground Level, Topsoil, Subsoil, Weathered parent material, and Bedrock!


Bedrock is indestructible!!.Bedrock is the bottom of the layers. Most of the bedrock is covered. In few places you can see the bedrock! This faze is call the outcropping.

All About Sand!

Some people think sand is soil because palm trees grow there, That is not true! Sand is actually just grinned up rock! Now you think how does it not hurt your feet when you step on sand? Well they use a rock that is pretty soft and grind it up in little pieces!

Vocabulary Words!

Bedrock- Bedrock is a solid layer of rock!

Decompose- Decompose means break down in to smaller pieces!

Texture- Texture means how something feels!

Nutrients- Nutrients means material that plants need to grow!