Camp News

March 18, 2016


This Week's Reading

Main Text: The Stormi Giovanni Club

Genre: Drama

Paired Text: The Extra Credit Club

Genre: Persuasive Text

Comprehension Skills: Generalizations & Text Structure

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  • Lines and Levels (Order of Operations)
  • You place vertical lines around any and all addition or subtraction signs that are outside of parentheses.
  • You move from left to right section by section finding the value by levels.

Level 1: Groupings (braces, brackets, parentheses)

Level 2: Radicals and Exponents

Level 3: Multiplication and Division

Level 4: Addition and Subtraction

  • You also work left to right if there is more than one of a level (ex: 3-2+4= 5)

Spelling List

(Spelling words will be reviewed this week. Due to PARCC testing, no test will be scored.)

  1. Invisible
  2. illiterate
  3. irregular
  4. irresistible
  5. impossible
  6. informal
  7. illegal
  8. impatient
  9. independent
  10. incorrect
  11. inactive
  12. imperfect
  13. impolite
  14. immature
  15. illogical
  16. indefinite
  17. inappropriate
  18. immobile
  19. irresponsible
  20. inexpensive
  21. irrelevant
  22. irreparable
  23. intolerant
  24. indisputable
  25. impersonal


  1. bluish
  2. cartwheels
  3. gymnastics
  4. hesitation
  5. limelight
  6. skidded
  7. somersault
  8. throbbing
  9. wincing


  1. Tuesday, March 22 is the 5th Grade Concert. Please try to make it. Also, if possible, please have your son or daughter wear a purple t-shirt. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  2. PARCC testing begins the week after Spring Break. We will try to work hard during testing, and catch-up on instruction between. If the weather is nice we will also head outside to play capture the flag.
  3. We will be stamping our Camp Jupiter shirts the 2nd Week of PARCC testing. Please make sure to wash your shirt before sending it in. The fabric paint sticks better.