By: Brianna Martinez

Should abortion after rape be legalized ?

The right to abort after being raped should be legalized because if a teenage girl gets raped and has the baby she will have to keep up with the baby by herself and the baby might also remind her of what happened to her . Also if the rapist had HIV or some other kind of disease it might transfer to the baby , and probably the baby might not develop the way it's suppose to .

Women that has been raped should'nt be obligated to keep baby that was conceived on a crime

A young woman being raped and then forced to carry the baby could be horrible for both mother and child.

A person who is raped is a victim, and should not be forced to carry the fetus that she didn't planned to bring to life .

How common is Pregnancy after Rape ?

Some statistics report that conception as a result of rape occurs in less than one percent of cases, while other studies indicate higher figures such as 4.7%. Rape-related Pregnancy may be more widespread than we know .

Depression on child

As the child grows up people or even the family might reject the kid just because he wasn't planned or because he wasn't conceive with love or in a stable family . Kid might start feeling depressed and might also commit suicide .

Depression On Mother

Women are more likely to commit suicide . Out of depression she might sell or just live her child , because she doesn't want to remember how the child was conceived .
Survivors of Rape Victims Support Mourdock on Abortion Statements
Children born out of rape, these outcasts of society

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