#12 - Sharing Google Docs EASILY

October 23, 2014 - BEST District

Time to share!!!

Have you ever created a Google Doc, Form, or Sheet but you haven't wanted to take the time to Click Share, have students login to their Google Accounts and find the shared doc? If so, these few (and easy) steps will help your students find Docs easily without having to jump through several hoops. Here's how . . .

Step 1: Create a Doc, Form, or Sheet

Create a Doc, Form, or Sheet that you want students to find and/or edit. Here's my example: I want students to practice writing/typing their spelling words.
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Step 2: Change Setting

Back in editing mode, uncheck the box that requires EVSC staff and students to login to view this Form.
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Step 3: Click Send Form

In the top right-hand corner of the screen is the blue Send Form button. Click that button. A new dialog box pops up. Click the link that says Add Collaborators.
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Steps 4 and 5: Editing Rights

You will want your students to access this Form without having to sign into their Google Account. To do this, click Change, then choose one the setting that best suits your needs. (Note: I prefer Anyone with the link because not just anyone in cyberspace can find this form.)
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Steps 6 and 7: Share out link!

Copy the long link, shorten it by going to goo.gl, then share out the shortened link. NOT BAD RIGHT?!
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