Help the Mockingbirds Soar

All you need to know in one place

Step 1: Mockingbirds and Heroes

Reflect on the theme of standing up against injustices in our world visited in To Kill a Mockingbird. Your project involves identifying mockingbirds in our community or school, in addition to the heroes who stand up for them. You and your groupmates will discuss and investigate why we still shoot at mockingbirds and produce an event that allows you to stand up against an injustice.

  • Create a list of individuals or groups that are figurative mockingbirds either within the school or in society as a whole. Via google classroom, your group will discuss and defend its choices. Then, create a separate post where you collaborate to define the characteristics of real-life heroes

Step Three: Advertise

Using social media and technology, your group must find an effective way to promote your message and community based project. You must have at least three multi-media methods, and one must include creating a "smore" like this one. The other can include Snapchat, Instagram, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc.


  1. Each group must submit their brainstorming, detailed proposal for approval, and breakdown of tasks, as well as a group designed collaborative work rubric via Google classroom.
  2. Create a website template using Additionally, two social media platforms must be included to promote the groups message.

Step Two: Be a Hero

Create a real-life project where your group can act as heroes for mockingbirds in your world. Identify one target group from your list and design a community based project where you stand up for or call attention to the injustice that you've identified.

Some examples are listed below, but you are not limited to them. Be creative. Use your imagination and think about what types of activities would garner the most interest from your peers.