OCPL Weekly Update

June 18, 2015

IT Services

This week started of slow but is ending with a bang.

Some of our new technology has arrived so I have started working on getting it ready for public and staff use, but this has been done in the midst of many other things like: un-"tp-ing" a bathroom, worm wrangling, and just helping when we are totally slammed or there is no one else. Don't get me wrong, I actually had fun in each of these tasks, really. Even my unexpected trip to South was a good distraction, even though I wasn't happy with the outcome--there had to be a better answer than just moving the router 6 inches. I never mind coming out to help a branch with a problem (especially in the middle of a webinar that I totally do not understand, thanks Vicki), NEVER no matter how small.

But Friday night will be the best, I get to spend time with the teens again during their Unmasked Heroes Mystery Party, we always have a ton of fun at those, (I am not sure why the teens think I might have been a gym teacher before, though). I am sure we will make it another party to remember.

Trisha (the introverted IT Dept)



Main Library

Hello all. Things are quiet as I sit here at the Reference Desk (ahhh). We've had challenges with a student that is requesting proctoring. She wants to take her test late Saturday afternoons only, and apparently would like to choose who proctors her test. Not happening. Another reason to develop a Proctoring Policy.
In the meantime I need to get back to withdrawing the reference collection. Onward and upward.
Thanks to all who picked up the slack while I was away Friday and Monday. I had a nice trip to DC. Have a great weekend.


South Oldham Library

Our condolences to our good friend and co-worker, Barb. We are so sorry for the loss of her sister and we continue to send her our thoughts and prayers.

I returned from my vacation to a plethora of problems. Ellie informed me that the boards on the picnic table have broken. There were nails sticking out, so she hammered them down. There's not much else we can do at this point. I have no carpentry skills! Thanks, Ellie, for making it a little safer!

The wi-fi was not working on Wednesday. After unsuccessfully attempting a re-boot, I resorted to calling Trisha, who came by and determined that we needed to move the wireless router to the table. (Sorry, Trisha! I could tell you weren't happy, but we do appreciate it!) Apparently, if it gets too close to the router/hub/Windstream hardware/blahblah the interference is too much for it. We knew this already, but since this small table has to be used for everything sometimes things need to be moved around and we forget to move them back. So I have made a sign that says "Danger Will Robinson!!!". (You young people won't get that!) No, not really, but I did make a sign.

For some reason, this building smells musty and feels damp all the time, even though the dehumidifier is working in the storage room. I'm moving it out into the building for a while to see if this will help. All of us are suffering serious allergy symptoms. My eyes are burning as we speak...

To sum it up, we've had better weeks. :(


Mahan Library

On vacation :)


Children's Services

We just finished up our Silly Safari program with a visit from a very large Boa Constrictor, a coatimundi (which looks a little bit like a raccoon), an Eagle Owl, some Madagascar Hissing cockroaches and little Bunny Foo Foo. Thanks so much to the ever patient staff in Children's for dealing with the hundreds of patrons who came, and also to the staff at Main for checking in all of our returns for us, Crazy but fun, which is sort of our mantra in summer.

Coming up at Main:

Next week at the branches:

  • Tuesday at Mahan we have a family story time at 11 AM followed by drop-in crafts and activities until 1 PM.
  • Wednesday at South Oldham we have a family story time at 11 AM followed by drop-in crafts until 1 PM.

Please help us with the branch programs by promoting these programs to your patrons.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.


Teens & Main Circ

It has been busy at the Main desk this week. It is great to see all the families coming in and enjoying our Children's events!I loved the screams coming from the meeting room during Silly Safaris (must have been a snake)!
I've been trying to retroactively get patron pictures taken with the ipads--no one seems to mind and it is much better to have those photos in there. Try to remember to take these pictures when you sign people up for new cards.

Teen Stuff Coming Up:

  • Friday--Freaky Friday starts at the branches (look for information when you come into South or Mahan beginning Friday. We are going to let this run all week as a passive program. I'll put together a new one each week to begin on Friday--will be simple :))
  • Friday from 7 pm-midnight: Unmasked--Masquerade Murder Mystery, register online
  • Monday @ 6--Marvel v. DC party, register online
  • Thursday @ 1--Book Besties, sign-up to help online
  • Thursday @ 6:30--Countdown to Kindergarten, sign-up to help online

Remember, have teens or parents email if they have any questions or haven't gotten confirmation emails. Tell them I usually do the confirmations once a day, so if it hasn't been more than a day--it's coming.

Thanks to Trisha for helping with the Dystopian Heroes party--the kids had a good time!


Outreach & Adult Programming

We had a great time at South on Monday making our hedgehog planters! And yesterday at Main, we made homes for hundreds of worms (the patrons who adopted them were very happy). Tonight we have an Excel computer class. Saturday is Game Day! Next Monday we'll be at Mahan making the hedgehog planters! And then Tuesday is the cake decorating class (which is completely full. Patrons can sign up for the waiting list, but it is very full.) There's stuff happening all over the place!

That said, I am off Thursday & Friday to spend time with my brother who is in town. I haven't seen him in 2 years, so probably will not be reachable by phone. I'm back on Saturday for the game day. If you have any questions, please send them via email. Thanks!


Technical Services

I am very pleased to welcome Cassie Carmichael to Technical Services as our latest Processing and Book Repair Technician!

Cassie will begin training in mid-August. We are all excited to have a new co-worker, and I am relieved at the thought of the department being fully staffed again. Welcome aboard, Cassie!

We received an upgrade to the PAC and to LS2 Staff this past weekend. That brought some much-desired functionality, like Copy Borrower, but also some problems. It appears that not all of our records re-imported correctly. So far TLC has identified 190 records that are not showing up in the PAC. They are working to fix and reload these records, hopefully this week.

Please let me know if you cannot find a title that is not in the Withdrawn Collection in the PAC. Withdrawn Collection items are suppressed from view in the PAC.

I learned that we should avoid using the Enter key when adding notes in the Check In/ Out Note field. Enter adds a carriage return instead of a space, which freaks the database out. It makes an invalid character (how embarrassing) that causes problems when it is time to import records.

Please use the space bar instead of the Enter key.

Until next week.

Vicki Niehaus
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