Español I B

Algunas Advertencias

Here are a few reminders as you progress through the course:

  • Remember to include accent marks in your vocabulary words when necessary
  • Check for spelling errors before submitting your work.
  • Respond to questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES when required.
  • Read instructions thoroughly for each assignment.
  • Read handouts in blue sections in your modules.
  • Complete your assignments in order by following the schedule in the syllabus.
  • Complete ALL assignments in the syllabus.

Completing Assignments

Be sure that all assignments are in by the due dates on the syllabus! A zero will be entered for each assignment that is not complete by the due dates assigned in the schedule.

Reflexive Verbs

Artículos Definidos e Indefinidos

This video explains the articles for you with many examples. Take a look!

Spanish Lesson Definite and Indefinite Articles: el la los las un una unos unas

Possessive Adjectives

Please review possessive adjectives in this video: mi, tu, tus, su, sus, nuestro, etc.
01041 Spanish Lesson - Possessive adjectives (part 1)

Conjugating Verbs in the Present Tense

This video is a reminder of how to conjugate regular ar, er, and ir verbs in the present tense.Pay close attention to the Vosotros form of the verbs in this video. One small mistake according to the author of the video: The vosotros ending for -ar verbs is áis. It is incorrectly accented in the video.
Spanish: Regular Verbs: Present Tense

More about Vosotros

The video below helps clarify when to use vosotros. This continuously pops up on your quizzes and you're expected to use the process of elimination to know which responses to choose. Therefore, please review this so you're more familiar with vosotros conjugations!
The difference between VOSOTROS and USTEDES (UDS) in Spanish