Paper Towel Experiment

Is Bounty or Viva the better towel for spills?

Whats being tested?

Testing Bounty against Viva- Which brand absorbs the spill the quickest but also prevents you from having to use more towels for bigger accidents?

Does Bounty absorb quick but requires more for your money or does Viva use more towels but less time.

Whats being tested? Two young school age kids are finger painting but forget to wash off their hands before touching the fridge, one mom uses bounty the other uses viva which brand cleans the paint quicker and doesn't spread the mess.

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Bounty Cleaning Time: 07.30

Viva Cleaning Time: 06.27

Bounty took longer but you couldn't even tell paint was there, Viva was quicker but the strength of the paper towel was poor, it ripped in the middle of cleaning.