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This week at RCS

As always RCS is bustling with learning as our students are engaging in real learning, digging deeper, and building amazing school communities. In kindergarten this week the students were beginning to learn subtraction by using ten frames. I was fortunate enough to hear a student say to another,"I can help you with that!" In first grade the students listened to stories about the Tooth Fairy and had to infer about various clues the author used in the story. I think Mrs. Drouin enjoyed the book most of all at a few points she couldn't stop laughing. In grade 2, the Lads and Lassies have been visited by Lucky as he leaves his clues and letters behind. The students wrote amazing letters back to him. In third grade, students built their own fraction bars to help them visualize the differences in sizes. They worked hard identifying equivalent fractions. Grade four showcased their artistic talents that week in art. They were all very sticky as they worked their way building bird style masks. Grade five's readers workshop had the students listening intently for onomatopoeia and had to infer from the sounds what was happening in the mystery story Mrs. Knechtel read to them. I found grade 6 in art class using pastels to to images that are very small in size and using the same colors create larger images with the exact colors. They did a great job and were more than happy to show their talents.

Students of the month....We believe learning will lead us to great things

All school meeting have become a very exciting gathering for RCS. This week the students gathered to celebrate another month of extremely hard work. Two students were chosen from each class! We also saw a changing of the guard as Mrs. Drouin's first grade class took home the attendance raccoon for the first time this year. Mr. Hains fourth grade class had been the home for our school mascot for every month prior. Congratulations!!!

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Teachers Teach like a Pirate

What do teachers do on professional development? This past Wednesday the teachers worked on differentiating instruction and motivation. The professional development committee decided to use Dave Burgess's book Teach Like a Pirate as the force driving the professional development. "Don't build a lesson create an experience." As we look to improve our instructional techniques to meet the needs of every student, the teachers were tasked to view lessons on YouTube and apply new techniques of DI and motivation to increase the value of the lesson for very student. It is our job to teach all our students and we cannot be successful until they are successful.

Chet Hall Scholarship Breakfast

What an incredible day at RCS!!! We all hope you had a great breakfast and maybe even won a prize or two. Big huge thanks to all of you that came out to support a wonderful event. There are way too many people to name, those who volunteered their time, to help such a great cause come to fruition. I am blown away by the endless community support we continued to receive right up through the pancake breakfast. The wonderful donations that kept coming in, the amazing people who helped make sure that everything ran smoothly, the early birds who helped set up, countless people that helped throughout the breakfast, those that stayed to help clean up, and most importantly shared amazing laughs throughout the day. We are so incredibly lucky to be part of such an amazing community. So many friends, family members, and those touched by his generosity and love came with open hearts to honor Chet Hall who simply loved Royalston. Today was a day filled with so many special moments that will be remembered, cherished, and shared for a long time. I am so fortunate to be a small part of something so......amazing


As we continue through this long winter season taking a few moments to talk to your children about safety is important. The roads are slippery and some snow piles are still relatively high. This week we had a minor accident and fortunately for RCS no one was hurt. Please take this opportunity to sit down and talk about how to sit properly on the bus. We always want our students to be safe and facing front, sitting on the bench, and keeping voices low are three great ways to allow our bus drivers to remain focused on the roads ahead.

MCAS Schedule this week

Monday- Grade 3

Tuesday- Grade 4 and Grade 5

Wednesday- Grade 3 and Grade 6

Thursday- Grade 4 and Grade 6

Friday- Grade 4 and Grade 5