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September 18, 2015

Welcome our new CHS family members!

Grant Submission Window is OPEN!

From Angie Arthur

The Coppell Education Foundation would like to announce that the 2015 Grant submission window is open, as of September 14 and will close on October 14 at 4:30 pm.

All applications must be submitted through this google form ( It can also be accessed through our, by clicking on grant info and grant application process.

Once an application has been submitted through the google form and the signed policies and procedures form has been sent to, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant and administrator.

We look forward to reading all the creative, transformative ideas that provide learning opportunities for our students beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Meaningful professional learning ignites inspiration and passion

On October 9th, during the morning of our campus professional learning day, we will facilitate educator conversations centered on topics that engage and inspire us the most. Professional learning should not be done to you; professional learning is done because of you.

In the upcoming days, each iLead member, on behalf of the iDesign team, will solicit feedback and submit conversation proposals for the upcoming professional learning day. Be thinking about your sources of inspiration and passion that contribute to your professional learning.

Staff Meetings

Do you have a resource to help your colleagues?

Click here to sign up to share: OR email Kayla @

Add to your red folders!

From Nurse Dorn:

Click the links below to print 2 generic emergency action plans for you to add to your red folders. These are general guidelines to follow if a student is undiagnosed and is experiencing these symptoms in your classroom. Please remember to keep these folders accessible for your subs.

PSAT Information

Please see information sent to parents about PSAT. If you have questions, Sean Bagley is your point of contact.


Drug & Alcohol Education Program- For Teens & Parents (PRINT FLYER & hang in your classroom)

From Sharron Thurlkill:

Click on the link below for the October CARE/New Directions Program offered by Coppell’s YMCA. As we discussed in our Nuts and Bolts Session, this is a four week, Drug and Alcohol Education Program, for teens and their parents. Remember, a family doesn’t have to live in Coppell to attend. Also, if a family wants to attend but does not have the money, please let me know. The YMCA wants this program to be available to everyone.

Hats in Hallways- Allowed

Teachers, after regular conversations with learners, and considering the various perspectives in play, Administrators have decided to relax the prohibition of hats in the hallways. Should a hat become a distraction in the classroom, you should continue to feel free to address the concern with the learner. From this point on, to support the campus culture, learners will not be asked to remove their hats in the hallways. Thank you.

Update to After School Library Policy:

Previous Policy: All students must be in the library by 4:10. Any student arriving after 4:10 (due to tutoring) must be accompanied by a teacher.

Updated Policy: All students must be in the library by 4:10. Any student arriving after 4:10 (due to tutoring) must be accompanied by a teacher or a teacher must call the library circulation desk (6577) to let the librarians know a student should be arriving from their tutoring soon.

Remember that our purpose is to ensure that all learners are safe here at CHS. Students should not be unsupervised in the building after 4:00. If you have a club or tutoring, please make sure your learners get out of the building following your meeting or tutoring session.

Are you having heat or air conditioner problems in your classroom?

If so, Sean Bagley will now be your contact person. Email him at

Please Note: September 24th Fire Drill Has Been Cancelled!

Student of the Month- Integrity or Patriotism (September)

From Ryan Lam:

Please take a few minutes to nominate student(s) who have shown integrity or patriotism:

Steps to nominate:

  • Log into Eduphoria
  • Click on Formspace
  • Click on Submit New Form (bottom left corner)
  • Select General Forms
  • Select Cowboy Spotlight of the Month

Counseling Corner

Counselor Resource- Print the link & hang in your classroom

Level Down Information:

At the end of the 1st six weeks and at the end of the first semester, students in Honors, AP or IB Math have the option to level down to a lower level of the same course if space is available. The Level Down Forms will be available in Student Services beginning Monday, September 28. They are due back to Student Services by Friday, October 2 at 1:00 PM. Please note students must complete the Level Down Form:

(Please do not share this link with students. This is for your information only at this time)

How to upload teacher recommendations in Naviance

Click the link below to access instructions and visuals for uploading Teacher Recommendation in Naviance.

Helpful Resources

Coppell Gifted Association (CGA)- Free Membership through 10/16/15

As in the past, Coppell Gifted Association is offering FREE educator memberships for CGA through 10/16 (after this date memberships in CGA will run $20). To sign up for a free educator membership, click here

"A Staff is a Team"

A note from head football coach: Mike DeWitt

With the school year in full swing and the first grading period upon us, I wanted to let you know that the football coaching staff is a resource for you. We hold our athletes accountable in everything they do. Each coach checks players’ grades and attendance weekly. Our objectives are to win in life, win in the classroom, and win on the field – in that order. We recognize the importance of working as a team to accomplish a common goal. Nick Saban says, “A staff is a team”. That is true of a campus as well. We are all part of a team called CHS. We want to help you as you invest and teach our kids. Below is a list of coaches and their email. All coaches work with all 300 kids, but I have designated certain coaches for different grade levels which may help you when wondering who to contact for help. Please let us know if you are having academic or discipline issues with a player in your class. Thank you for what you do each and every day!

Mike DeWitt (grades 9-12)

Eric De Los Santos (grades 12)

Jay Jones (grades 12)

Kirk McBride (grades 12)

Devin Lemons (grades 11)

Steve Fex (grades 11)

Braxton Sherrill (grades 11)

Scooter Calvert (grades 11)

Blake Johnson (grades 10)

Otrea Robison (grades 10)

Matt Smith (grades 10)

Blaine McBride (grades 9)

Nate Blackwell (grades 9)

Josh McKiddy (grades 9)

Karl Pointer (grades 9)

From Jamila Thomas:

Now that we are in full swing, you are learning how to identify and support each student’s needs. One of our goals is to help students who have already been identified with dyslexia. We want to provide you with a clear process to improve how to support all students. The resources provided will enable you to gain an insight into the impact of dyslexia on the acquisition of literacy, numeracy and verbal communication skills. It will act as a practical guide to help you develop individual and whole class strategies to accommodate differences in learning successfully. This is resource is a best practices tool as is not mandatory to implement.


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Family Snapshots!

If you have a family photo to share with your CHS family, please email the photo and some info to Kayla. #CHSWeAreONe
Mandatory- Click here to verify receipt

Must have read & confirmed receipt BY: September 29th