NCHS January Staff Notes



1. Exams- Jan. 11, 12, 13, and 14. The make-up day is the 15th. Students are dismissed from classes at 11:00. It has been mandated that we serve lunch. Students with a pass to get lunch will be dismissed by an announcement as soon as testing is complete.

2. Scores- There will be about a 3 to 4 business day delay on the return of online assessments with constructed response. The delay for paper/pencil will be about 8 days.

3. Proctors-. We need proctors! Please help us secure a few more for each day.

4. Early Exams- There should not be any early exams unless you have received written permission from Mr. Jolley.

5. Releasing students from exams- Only the bell and an announcement releases students from exams of any type. Do NOT send students to check out when completed. We do NOT check out students during exams.

6. Grades- By the end of each exam day, please have everything but the final exam and the final grade posted in Powerschool.

7. Exam Policy- Exams (of any type) will count 25% of the final grade.

8. Do’s and Don’ts during testing- Please do not play music during or after exams. This is distracting to other classes. You are NOT to send kids to the restroom during an EOC. If it is an emergency, use the plan outlined during EOC training. DO NOT let students leave your room when they are done with exams. They stay the entire time. Do not tell students to bring pillows or blankets to school.

9. IEPs and modifications- please make sure to follow all IEP modifications during testing.

10. Exam exemptions- Seniors with 80 or above for the semester and 3 or less absences.

11. January 15th- For the make-up day, students only have to attend if they have a test to take. They will be counted absent that day, but this will not affect their ability to exempt a teacher made exam. We will remain in first period from 7:15 to 11:00. After you take attendance, you can combine classes. Please work with your department to make a fair schedule to supervise students.


Testing procedures:

· Class Rosters: You will receive a class roster when you pick up secured or unsecured testing materials. Students that have accommodations to test in separate setting will be highlighted. Please check the class roster to make sure that these students have reported to their assigned testing sites.

· Some students with accommodations will have SIR (Stay in room) next to their name on the class rosters. These students have accommodations but should remain in the room.

· Accommodation Forms: You may receive accommodation forms with your testing materials. Please make sure that these forms are completed and signed before returning testing materials.

· Administrator Guides- All teachers should have signed out an AG for both the EOC and NCFE tests during training. If you have not, please see Mrs. Peebles as soon as possible. Please make sure to read the Assessment Guide, particularly the Prepare for and Attend Training section and the Testing Code of Ethics prior to testing.

· If using computers in a lab DO NOT LOG IN TO COMPUTERS WITH YOUR PERSONAL USERNAME AND PASSWORD. Please use the following generic username and password and then follow the instructions above: Username: nctest.ccs Password: test12345

· Blended Learning Classrooms: If you teach a blended learning class, you have been assigned two testing locations for your students. Please communicate instructions with students prior to testing on how they will be divided on testing day. Please also post this information on your door so that students will know what classroom to report to on testing day.

· NCTEST tutorial- Every student must have completed the NC TEST tutorial prior to next week. If you have not already, please make sure that your students have done this by the end of the week.


· Canvas Challenge- This must be completed by the end of the year. Canvas is a great tool. Please go through this process if you haven’t already done so.

· Web pages- Please take a minute and make sure your web pages are updated. We don’t want first semester information on there for second semester, which is quickly approaching.

· Parent telephone documentation- Please keep all parent calls documented. Parents should be aware of student grades, discipline issues, and a positive call now and then as well. You should also be contacting a parent if you send their child to the control room.

· Current class/student schedules- Student schedules are fixed for second semester. Do not tell students they need to see a counselor about schedule changes, nor should you tell them that you have room in your class, etc. Any class changes done will be due to admin error or if the student failed first semester and we need to adjust the schedule. Guidance will be changing schedules for first semester failures.

· Update Emergency lesson plans and substitute folders- Please take care of this ASAP. Be sure it is noted in the substitute folder that they are to stand your duty post when they sub for you. Emergency lesson plans should be returned to Mrs. Jones by Jan. 21. Don’t forget to update your class lists and seating charts. Include instructions for taking attendance.

· Course Fees- Please make sure you are charging the appropriate course fees. See Mrs. Brandenburg if you have questions.

· Receipt books- Please submit these no later than 1:00 each day. *This is a change.

· Leave days – January 18TH is a holiday, no leave request needed. January 19 is a Planning/Staff Development day. Please submit forms to Mrs. Brandenburg by Tuesday the 12th.

Fire Drill- We will have a fire drill on Thursday (tomorrow) at the beginning of second period.


1/11-14 Exams

1/15 Exam Make Up End of 2nd Quarter / Early Dismissal

1/18 Martin Luther King Jr. / Holiday – No School

1/19 Plan/Staff Dev - Grades Due

1/20 Mentor/Mentee Meeting 2:30

1/22 PTSO - Soup Luncheon

1/25 Health Science Academy Open House 6:30-7:30

1/26 Report Cards Go Home

2/3 Faculty Meeting