The Outdoors

My passion

Introductury to The Outdoors

Today I will tell you about the outdoors, I will tell you how being involved in the outdoors can help your health, the risks within the outdoors and career options branching off of the outdoors.

Being Involved in the Outdoors Improves Your Health

The outdoors contains various activities that all improve your mental and physical health. By being engaged in these vigorous activities you improve many aspects of your physical health including your stamina, endurance, strength and vision. But just by being in the outdoors, activity or not you relieve stress and are put into a state of relaxation, overall helping you mentally.

The Risks of the Outdoors

Even though the outdoors is a good source of improving your health it can still be extremely dangerous. Many ways the outdoors can be dangerous is brought on by nature itself, examples of this are weather, terrain and wildlife. But more dangers are brought on by other people in the outdoors such as hunters who misidentify their target and accidentally shoot other people, people also cause risk with motorized vehicles in nature like ATV's and dirt bikes
Whitetail Deer attacks Hunter

Careers Involved with the Outdoors

The outdoors and nature are a very diverse place that's in need of care, understatement and conservation. This is where careers like Biologist, Conservationist, Naturalist and many more come into play. Due to nature being in constant risk of modernization and in risk of falling apart and disappearing, wildlife involved there is a need for these careers in order to understand how to keep nature from falling apart. A lot of these jobs are specialized towards a specific section of nature such as ichthyologist who specializes in fish and devotes their time to understanding fish.

Concluding Statement

I hope you learned about how the outdoors improves your health, imposes risks and proposes career options.