What is a Bioinformatics Analyst?

Who makes the complex software in science?

Job Description

Bioinformatics analysts and programmers design and develop software, databases, and interfaces for analyzing and manipulating genomic databases. They collaborate with production staff to improve data processing and analysis capability, as well as to design and implement data processing and analysis capability, as well as to design implement data queries and visualization techniques. They maintain large-scale DNA databases and prepare data for use by scientists. In addition, they guide decisions regarding improvements to bioinformatics software.

Salary and Benefits Info


Life scientists that embrace bioinformatics training to the extent of becoming expert users of existing bioinformatics resources and tools for data analysis, not only become empowered to conduct their own bioinformatics computations and also move their own research forward, but they also relieve the demand and time constraints on analysts who are often sought to conduct such analyses for untrained life scientists. Thus, bioinformatics training frees up research time for the analyst to carry out their own resource, tool or algorithm development. The end result is more research output from all parties.


$68,784 a year.

Compensation, Qualifications, and Places to Work


$68,784 a year.


Doctor's degree generally required, although some positions may be open to individuals with bachelor's or master's degrees in relevant fields

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