Morning Announcements

Wednesday, May 25th , 2022

Good Morning Students and Staff, Please Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

And now for a moment of silence,

Please use this time to think about how you will keep your brain busy this summer.

Remain standing for our Daily Affirmation

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You may be seated

Today is

Wednesday, May 25th , 2022

Today's Fast Fact Is:

Have you ever heard of the summer slide? It's when we forget some of the things we learned in school during the school year. The summer slide can happen when school is out and you are not working out your brain. Here are some ways you can build your brain and avoid the summer slide.

  • Get a book of riddles
  • Do puzzles
  • Join a summer reading club at your library
  • Master a new skill like knitting or building something
  • Read a chapter book aloud.

Make sure you continue to work out your brain this summer!

The recess weather today is:

THE RECESS WEATHER TODAY IS 84° and thunderstorms

The lunch menu today is

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Congratulations to the TOP 5 students in LiveSchool yesterday.

Eric Dubose

Nehemiah Taylor

John Quarles

Autumn Davis

Paisley Coleman


Happy Birthday to:

Pablo Montes

1. Today is dress as your favorite athlete. Are you wearing a jersey or sports theme?

The rest of the week is:

Thursday- Students can bring in blankets, and eat their lunch outside.

Friday- Dress in pajamas, and bring stuffed animals/blankets.

2. Today there is a Theatre performance at 8:15am & 12:45pm

3. There is a 1pm CAPs performance of Box by MS theatre

4. Here are the winners from the LiveSchool raffle!

These will be delivered this week!


Anthony Jones

Yoel Sarmiento Bustamante

King Floyd


Azaria Love

Roman Burgess

Sarvaya Baldwin


Aiden Kendrick

Valencia Williams

Neveah Davis

🍩Donut Party will take place 8:00a.m. on Wednesday!

4. All clothes left in the Lost and Found will be donated to the Salvation Army if they are not claimed by the end of the week.

Buses missing?

We close our announcements today with this quote

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Have an Wonderful LAST Wednesday of the school year!

Children’s Choir and Middle School Choir should be dismissed to the band room now (except Wednesday)