Tech Time Newsletter

May 10, 2016

Classroom News

  • Kindergarten will finish creating a Power Point presentation.
  • First grade will create a picture in Microsoft Excel.
  • Second grade will complete hour of code.
  • Third grade will explore Green Screen Doink app.
  • Fourth grade will film and edit their state tourism videos.
  • Fifth grade will print their career brochures.

Free PowerPoint Templates for Teachers and Students

We've all seen plenty of poorly designed slides that have harsh color schemes, fonts that are too small, or otherwise just don't look quite right. However, searching online for safe design templates is a challenge. Which sites are safe for all users, what site is user friendly, and who has time to check out all the sites that are available? Below are three sites that are safe and easy to use in PowerPoint and Google Slides.
SlideHunter is a free website containing a collection of free slide decks. These slides can be downloaded then imported into PowerPoint or Google Slides. Pro tip for Google Slides users, you can import all of the slides or select just the ones that have the layout you want. Once you've imported the slide templates you can modify them to fit your needs. And if you don't need complete slides, but just a piece of artwork or a diagram template, you can find those on SlideHunter too.
FPPT is another site that offers free PowerPoint templates for teachers and students. You can search for templates on FPPT according to category, tag, or even color scheme. There is an education section on the site.

SlideModel is a website that offers professionally designed PowerPoint slide templates. When converted, the templates also work in Google Slides. You can register for a free account on SlideModel to receive their free template of the week. There is also an option to upgrade to plans with unlimited slide template access.

Celebration Cookies in the Workroom

Come celebrate my master's degree graduation with a cookie in the workroom. There are also invitations for a graduation party this Sunday. Family friendly with food, games, and fun!
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