Beowulf Cumulative Project

By Jeff Perkins

My Hero

My hero is my father. I look up to him because he is a very hard worker and sacrifices his wants for my needs and wants. I also go to him for advice. I go to him for advice because he is older than me and has experienced life longer than I have. He is smarter than me and has years of experience in inportant things like work, family, friends, and good life choices. My father is usually there for me. If I need something he will do it and if he says that he will do it he usually does. He is very dependable. When I ask him for something he gets the job done almost every time. I look up to him because he is dependable, trusting, smart, and responsible. These are traits I want to have when I am older and that's why I look to him for guidance and help.


Song Lyric: "A coward dies a thousand times, and a soldier dies uno (once), immortals die zero,zero,zero,zero, left up to me I'd rather die a hero" Kevin Gates.

Meaning: Cowards die many times before their deaths: The valiant never taste of death but once.

A coward lives in a state of fear, metaphorically dying of fear many times before their actual biological death occurs. On the other hand, soldiers and heroes confront their fears and only feel the pain of death once.

Connection to Beowulf: This quote connects to Beowulf because Beowulf was a hero and when Beowulf died people made towers in memory of him, making him immortal. So in connection to the song Beowulf died "zero" because he will always be remembered.

Connection to my hero: This quote connects to my hero because even if my father is away I'll always remember him and all of the things he's done for me.

Themes and Symbols

Bravery- This word connects with Beowulf and Captain America because both Captian America and Beowulf were brave. Beowulf showed bravery when he agreed to fight Grendel without weapons. Captian America also showed bravery when he agreed to keep going with the dangerous experiment that would cause him to get stronger and faster.

Epic- This word connects with Beowulf and Captian America because both Beowulf and Captain America were heroes and fought against an evil adversary.

Deadly Battle- This word connects to both Captian America and Beowulf because both heroes fought a battle against an evil adversary that was the deciding factor of the an area being controlled by evil or returned to normal.