Harriet Tubman

Sergio and Isaiah Claim: She was a brave woman.

Textual Evidence

First Texual Evidence:

In paragraph three line one and two it says, "in 1849, Tubman made a plan to escape to the North where she would be free. Tubman decided that a Saturday night would be the best time to escape." This tells me that she was brave enough to escape and nobody else around her thought about escaping.

Second Textual Evidence:

In paragraph five and six in line 1 of both it says, " throughout the 1850s, Tubman returned to the South many times. In total, she rescued about 300 slaves.Tubman risked her own freedom, and possibly her life, to help other slaves." This tells me that she kept going back and forth to try to get more people from the South to the North so they can be free. She was the only one who will risk her life to get other to freedom.


One fact is that she brought about 300people from the South to the North.

Second fact is she took people threw the underground railroad in order for them to go to the North.

Third fact is she was worth $40,000 for her capture.

Forth fact is fought for civil rights.

Last fact is even after slavery was outlawed she still fought for civil rights of womens and former slaves.