Building Shelter in the Wilderness

how to build shelter in the wilderness

Figure out your resources

  • Gather as many things as you can find to build a shelter
  • Find the largest Leaves you can, Gather them and layer them as a roof to keep out the rain
  • Gather debris on the Island, wood, or other junk
  • Take everything out of your pockets, every things useful if your alone

Making a Tepee Shelter

  • Gather 10-20 long branches into the ground to create a tripod
  • Stick 3 of these branches into the ground to create a tripod
  • Position the remaining branches around the tripod circle
  • find the largest leaves and and use them to cover the tripod

What to Avoid doing when Building a Shelter

  • Sleep off the ground, in tropical places you will encounter snakes or poisonuss animals
  • Avoid building your sheletrs uder trees because cocnuts could fall from 50 feet on your head
  • To avoid being bitten in your shelter put something over it that flares out
  • Building a fire near/around your shelter will keep posinous sankes away