Eternal Rest Funeral Home

where your loved one's rest is eternal

Allow us to help you through the grieving process

Don't let the process of dealing with the remains effect your grieving process allow us to help you through all your loved ones needs to prepare for the afterlife.

We have many different coffin's as well as urns to choose from to fit all exspences

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Many Coffin's to choose from

We have many different styles and choices to fit all needs and budgets. Whether you would like an open or closed casket along with your choice of burial abiding by all religious needs to help usher your loved ones into the afterlife.

Visit us to help plan your final resting place

We have many plots and other services such as cremation and casket viewing areas to allow you to say your final goodbye
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Plenty of room for all your religious needs

Should you need an open or closed casket. A certain playlist or even live instruments, we have good size viewing room and acoustics that will give a final sendoff to the afterlife.

Come for a visit to make sure your afterlife needs are met

We are open seven days a week and are accustomed to offering services whenever you need to hold service whether your religion requires a night burial and service or early morning.