farm life

by:lucas crow


Have you ever wondered things about farm life in colinal days like. First,what was on a farm and techniques farmers used.Second,who did what work on a farm.Finally,how did a farm make money and what crops were grown on a farm.Those are some ways a farm made money and be's successful

About a Farm

Have you ever wondered about a farm and what things were on it. Here are some techniques farmers used and structures on a farm.On big farsm they would have livestock like pigs,cows, and sheep because they could protect themselves .Typical farms would have vegetable gardens. But sometimes to protect the animals farmers would build zig zag fences because it was easier to move.Farmers wouldn't fertilize there gardens because it cost to much money. After 10 years of crops the soil lost all of its nutrients so farmers waited 15 to 20 years for the soil to be good.Farmers needed to lots techniques and tricks so they didn't spend to much money a ruin the farm.

Who Did What Work On a Farm

Ever wondered what people did on a farm and who did what work.Men did a lot of the work. Men built and repraired building. They also kept pests out of the field and went hunting. Women did spinning, weaving,sewing and also did the cooking. Children didn't do much there parents sometimes taught them to read and write. But usually the parents them ways to make and to work on a farm. The slaves on a farm helped orepare meals and tend crops. Cooperation was the key to having a successful farm

How Did a Farm Make Money

There were many ways a farm made money. Here are some basic ways a farm made money. Planters would grow some type of cash crop (cotton,rice,tobacco and indigo) then they would sell it or trade it for something else. Farmers would also raise livestock for there fur and leather. The biggest cash crop was tobacco. Tobacco continued to be one of the biggest cash crop in all the colony's. Farmers bought slaves to manage there crops sometimes 2 dozen or 2 it depended on the farm. Farmers needed to know ways to make money so when they lost one what they could chose a different way.


Have You ever wondered about the life on a farm in colonial days like. What was there on a farm. Secondly, how did everyone do a fair work and who did what work. Lastly, how did a farm make money and what did farmers sell. Those are some ways a farm was successful.


  1. Cooperation- to work together
  2. Livestock - farm animals such as cows, horses, pigs that are kept, raised and used by people
  3. Techniques- a way of doing something by using a special knowledge or skill