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JK Rowling

Author of best selling series Harry Potter

Success story as she went from food stamps to millionaire status in a matter of 5 years

Perseverance as she was originally denied by more than 10 publishing companies

Awarded numerous awards for her books

Harry Potter Series is highest selling in history

Leadership Ability

Inspired children to read during a time when television and video games were up and coming

Defined a generation with her children's novels and has been highly decorated accordingly

Leadership Style

Rowling has not been one to speak out publicly for causes and prefers to keep to herself and her family

When she does speak it is to inspire young readers and promote her books

Has done charity to work to promote reading

More of a passive leader

Communication Techniques

Rowling prefers to communicate through written word and tends to shy away from interviews and public speaking endeavors

Created Pottermore to communicate with her fans on a regular basis

Rowling has found a comfort zone and likes to stay within it

Leadership Traits

Rowling's defining traits are her ability to communicate and inspire, be imaginative and creative, and her perseverance and strength


It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy.

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Also known as King Philip or Metacomet

Lived from 1639-1676

War Chief of Wampanoag Indians

Led collection of tribes during the a King Phillip's War

- Native American effort to push European Colonists out of New England

- War named in his honor

- Eventually hunted down by Captain Benjamin Church and killed

Leadership Style

Metacom was in charge of organizing and preparing an army of Native Americans against the colonists. They were underprepared and had less resources, so the odds were heavily stacked against them

He had to have incredible bravery and leadership to rally his men against the colonists. They put up a good fight but eventually ended in defeat. The job they did in the King Philip's war is a testament to the leadership abilities of Metacom

Leadership Techniques

Metacom had the job to organize an army in a short amount of time. He brought together rival tribes to form an army to kick out the colonists. He had to be a mediator between the groups and make sure that not only everyone got along, but were able to fight to the best of their abilities

Leadership Traits

Metacom displayed incredible bravery, communication skills, mediation, and skill in fighting. He made a group of rival tribes work together for a common goal and put up a fight against a far superior army.


All across new England there are schools, mountains, trails and forests named after Metacom. In addition there are golf courses, streets and ponds. He is remembered for his bravery and leadership and those things named after him will cement his legacy forever.


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