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Jump On January High Value Activity BINGO

Can you get a BINGO- Down, Across, or Diagonally?

Warm up to 2015 with these FUN & Effective ACTIONS!

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Click below to download the PDF or find the info on our team Facebook page! PRINT it and MARK off your activity!

Bonus January Activities

#1. Mail all 2014 Hostesses the new catalog & ask for a referral for your next hostess

#2. Contact 10 past 2014 customers Call them let them know that Spring Line is now available! Words To Say: "Hi Mary, it's Amanda from Stella & Dot. Hope you are loving your jewelry, thanks again for your purchase. I wanted to let you know that the spring line has launched & it is absolutely fabulous. Is there anything you are looking for or do you have gifts to purchase this spring? Birthday? Valentines etc? I'd love to get you some free jewelry……"

#3. Call into a Business Blitz call held by home office & follow through with the suggested activities. Post your top tips & actions!