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PEP Data Results for 2014-15

What Did the 2014 PEP Grant Data Show Us About the Health and Fitness of Our Students?

  1. 69% of MASD students were in the healthy zone on all five components of Fitnessgram testing for our fall-2014 opening test window. The components of fitness tested are: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, and flexibility. This number increased to 74% in our spring test window, with a 5% improvement in district fitness levels.
  2. 65% of MASD students engaged in 60 minutes of daily activity during our fall pedometer test, This number decreased to 55% for our spring test window. Why the drop? After data analysis, there are several factors which may have caused the drop:

  • Winter in Wisconsin is not optimally suited to activity, particularly in the test month of February, suggesting the need for other avenues to get enough activity throughout the school day.
  • A completely different group of students were tested in the high school gym classes due to semester course changes. The high school scores accounted for the biggest drop in school numbers in regard to this testing.

  1. 32% of MASD students consumed fruits two or more times a day, and 8% consumed vegetables two or more times a day for our fall-2014 test.This number increased by 73% of MASD students who consumed fruits two or more times a day in spring. 39% of MASD students consumed vegetables two or more times a day for our spring test. The PE Department hopes for continued increases in consumption values as our testing continues. Teachers are making a concentrated effort to teach nutrition concepts to students starting with the kindergarten classes.

Students will complete the same testing for Year #2 of the PEP grant. PEP program goals are based on test results from the Pedometer/three-day recall test, the Fitnessgram and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and will continue throughout the course of the PEP Grant.

Fitness puts the FUN in FUNDRAISING!

Prairie View and Section Elementary Schools created a new way to put back the FUN in fundraising with FITNESS! The "The Panther Prowl" and the "Section 60" incorporated fitness stations where students accumulated minutes of activity in exchange for monetary pledges for their schools. Students in the Panther Prowl fundraiser were rewarded by collecting bracelets every time they achieved the next level of fitness. It's was a great way to directly involve students by invested ownership and fitness work to help raise funds for their school. The bonus to creating a fun event like Section 60 and the Panther Prowl is that everyone received their 10,000 steps for the day. Great ideas like this keep our students healthy.

“Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary, because health is worth more than learning.” Thomas Jefferson

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PEP Curriculum Additions

The Physical Education Staff attended a three-day workshop with Sports, Physical Activity and Recreation for Kids (SPARK) trainer, BJ Williston and Spokane, Washington's Focused Fitness Curriculum Specialist, Karen Cowan.

The SPARK workshop introduced PE teachers to Apps they can incorporate as teaching tools in their classes. Part 2 involved a two-day curriculum workshop started part 1 of curriculum work for physical education. Day One was spent discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the current physical education program and aligning those standards with the national and state standards. Day Two was spent creating physical education "power" standards and the process of curriculum mapping.

The PE staff will begin extensive curriculum review as a part of the PEP grant goals. More training will take place in February of 2016.

For more information please visit the district PEP website from our homepage or follow the links below:

Park View's FUTP 60 Program WIns Again!

Thursday, Nov. 26th, 7-10:30pm

1265 Lombardi Avenue

Green Bay, WI

Ellie ( 8th Grade PVMS student ) is the lucky winner of 2 Packer Tickets for Thanksgiving evening game at Lambeau Field. Ellie won the drawing for submitting her photo essay in the "FUTP60 Fuel Greatness" contest and for being a member of the PVMS FUTP60 Team. She will attend with her mother and watch as Brett Farve's number is retired in a ceremony that night, a price shes said is worth eating a stadium hot dog instead of Thanksgiving dinner.
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“You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing!!!”

The Woo Haa Rule

The woo-haa rule is a classroom management technique that is used in Physical Education class. For example, the teacher can say one-two-three, and students respond by yelling woo-haa as loud as they can, which is then followed by complete silence. The loud signal gets the attention of all the other students who may not be aware that the teacher is ready to begin or end class. Use the Woo Haa:

· At the beginning of class to get everyone ready to begin

· During class when it is time to discuss a new activity or skill

· To stop the class and reinforce a particular rule

· To initiate the 10-second countdown

· At the end of class

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Wisconsin's Four Core + Program

Core 4+ is a school-related physical activity program that involves the four areas of school:

  1. PE - students should receive adequate physical education minutes in school and follow a standards based program that links learning to the goal of leading an active lifestyle. Studies continue to advocate for 60 minutes of activity every day.
  2. Recess - students should have an active and structured recess. Allowing students to stay inactive or using recess time for catch-up work is prohibitive balancing an active day.
  3. Before and after school activities - providing opportunities for more activity before and after school for students to engage in activity.
  4. Active classrooms - Regular breaks incorporating quick movements with little class disruption provides a spike in student mental concentration and productivity.
  5. + Family and community opportunities - strong community and home-based promotion of leading an active lifestyle.

Core 4+ is a Wisconsin-born program that has received national recognition and was tested as a part of the Active Schools Project from 2010 - 2012 because it was relatively inexpensive to implement, involves all students in the school, and is very easy to implement.

Watch for more of Core 4+ in your schools!

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Mrs. Canfield's Health Classes make food chains to show their nutrition habits

What does the diet of a typical student at MHS look like? Students in Mrs. Canfield's health class evaluated their nutritional habits using the food guide. Each color on the chain represents a food category. Students want to post-up a healthy and balanced diet. What does your food chain look like? Balanced and colorful?

MASD PE programs are "beefing up" on student knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating concepts in both health and PE class as a part of the PEP Grant Program. Now more than ever, we know that activity levels and nutrition awareness are the two major components that go hand-in-hand with healthy weight maintenance. Childhood obesity continues to rise in the United States. It's never too early to teach good eating habits both at school and at home.

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