New Winter Sport!

Learn about basketball!

Created by the great Dr. James Naismith- Invented in 1891, Basketball is a fun and competitive sport that anyone can play!

Stay warm in the winter- Because the games are held in indoor wooden courts you can stay active and stay warm!

A Flexible Sport- Play outside during the summer!

A Sport for anyone- Easy to pick up and the rules are simple!

"History of basketball"-Image under the public domain

"America's Game" by

Join one of the fastest growing sports in America, get good at it before everyone is playing!

Play any time indoors and outdoors:

  • After Work (outside)
  • In the afternoon (outside)
  • At night (Inside)
  • During a blizzard (Inside)


  • Ball can be thrown in any direction
  • Players can't run with the ball
  • The ball can only be held with hands
  • Bodily contact is a foul
  • A second foul makes a player leave the game without substitution until next goal
  • 3 fouls from one team rewards the other team one goal