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REACH (reaching everyone for active citizenry@ home) was launched in October 2006 when the former Feedback Unit was restructured to move beyond gathering public feedback, to become the lead agency for engaging and connecting with citizens. The three key roles of REACH are to: Gather and Gauge Ground Sentiments; Reach Out and Engage Citizens; and Promote Active Citizenry through Citizen Participation and Involvement. REACH is a division under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

REACH Youth Ambassador Programme

The REACH Youth Ambassador (YA) programme aims to promote active citizenry among youths. YAs are encouraged to come up with and to take ownership of consultation and engagement activities for their peers.

During their tenure, YAs have proactively initiated activities such as the Singapore Model Parliament 2012, SOTA-REACH Youth Arts Forum, and a series of informal dialogues with political officer holders called Kopi Talk, among other forums. For the youths involved, there are several benefits, including the opportunity to:

- Gain a better understanding of the Government’s policy-making process;

- Enhance interpersonal, communication and leadership skills through interaction with peers as well as policy-makers;

- Create a positive impact on the type of Singapore they wish to live in;

- Have a platform to work and interact with students from other schools, backgrounds, and levels; and

- Leverage on the REACH network and resources to carry out activities.

Kopi Talk

REACH’S Kopi Talk is a series of informal dialogue sessions aimed at engaging youths on national issues. Chaired by Ministers and other office holders, these sessions aim to provide youths with a platform to gain greater awareness and understanding of public policies. With greater awareness, it is hoped that Singaporean youths will be better equipped and feel motivated to engage more actively and effectively in public discussions on national issues. Since the launch of Kopi Talk in late 2011, 11 sessions have been held, bringing together some 1,000 students, mostly from tertiary institutions, who have engaged office holders over a cup of Kopi.

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