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Commit to Excellence

Today I listened to some of the pregame super bowl shows (while working on school work as we all do) and feeling great as they talked about the educators in their players lives who made a difference to each of them. Each player reminisced about a teacher, counselor, or coach who believed in them and held them to a high standard. This gave them confidence, skills, perseverance and opportunities they may not have had otherwise. This validates what we already know. Teachers make a huge difference in the lives of kids, who one day will be adults! Keep doing what you are doing. You are doing an EXCELLENT job!

Have a fabulous week and remember that what you do matters!


Thank you to Mrs. Armagost for her leadership with the book fair for the past 10 years. Thank you to Mrs. Garza for taking over the book fair for the next 10 years!

Thank you to Ms. Felix for participating in Erin's Lanyards last Saturday morning. I apologize for leaving her name off last week. :(

Valentine's Day Parties

Valentine’s week is upon us. Keep structures and routines in place. Remind students that parties do not start until 2:30pm on Friday, except for 1st grade. There is a lot to teach and learn this week. February 12th is a "free day" where unhealthy foods can be eaten at any time throughout the day. ENJOY!

PRSP-Primary Reading Success Plan (K-2)

Primary Reading Success Plan documentation should go home soon. Parents of students who ARE NOT on track for meeting the minimum expectation must have a face to face conference with the teacher. Please start scheduling those now. Be ready to share with parents what you are doing to get students where they need to be by the end of the semester. Mrs. Miller will be sharing current paperwork this week. Please make copies of the PRSP student documentation as it will need to be turned in to Mrs. Miller.

Failing Grades? Failing for the Year?

Any student who has an average of failing grades for the year in Math and/or Reading and Writing averaged together is considered a retention or failing for the year. PLEASE make sure that you have been conferencing with parents and communicating as we do not want this to be a surprise. Each 6 weeks if a student has failed a parent conference is required. Please make sure that parents know if a student is endanger of failing for the year and what the intervention plan is for the student. I will be asking for the names of students who will not pass the year within the next few weeks.

Every Minute Matters

As the clock ticks and we get closer to STAAR and the primary reading requirements for K-2, let’s work to make every minute count. No more wasted time with lines at the restroom, water fountain or the last few minutes of the day. A walk to the bathroom is a perfect time for vocabulary review. Packing up backpacks is a great opportunity to read from an inspiring novel. Pepper kids with multiplication and mental math when they are lining up for lunch. Waiting on the bus? Have students think of adjectives that describe the bus. Keep a series of short learning activities ready so you’re prepared when a two-minute opportunity emerges at the end of the day, in the hallway, while waiting for dismissal. Teach Like A Champion: Every Minute Matters

Watch Jamey Verilli, a master at making good use of every minute on youtube.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing is on the horizon. It is critical that students take this test very seriously and do their very best. PLEASE set the stage for best efforts on this test. Information from this assessment will guide instructional decisions for the spring. These tests will be conducted with the same security and seriousness as STAAR. Snacks to be included! :)

Please be thinking about how to motivate those kiddos who may be in an "unmotivated state". Benchmark testing is a dress rehearsal. Don't accept tests where students have not done their due diligence as expected (show work, check bubbling, prove answers, etc). Mr. R has agreed to paint his hair and beard pink and green if we have 70% passing on the benchmark.

Thank you for your hard work in preparing students for the next grade level. This will show on benchmark day. I am sure of it!

Parent Night

We have our next parent prep academy on February 16th. The focus will be math, science and STAAR information. Please make sure the spreadsheet is completed showing which teachers will be responsible for teaching in the morning and evening. Please make sure you have let me know if you need to order something. Let's make this very meaningful for parents and give them some great tools for them to take home! Thank you for all you do to make this great for our families!


  • Please have parents sign students out from the classroom on Friday the 12th if they would like to take students with them after the party.
  • Please review the calendar options and look at the minutes or time changes for Henderson before voting so that you are making an informed vote.
  • There will be NO PLC schedule on Wednesday the 10th. Wednesday will be a Monday schedule.
  • Certified staff must attend one techy time this week.

Mark Your Calendar!


2-19 Jump Rope for Heart

8 PTO Meeting-changed to Monday due to middle school informational night conflict

9 Techy Time

4th Writing/5th Math Benchmarks

LPAC Decision Making (3-5 ELL teachers) 4:00 @ Fannin

PTO Meeting 6:00

10 5th Reading Benchmark

Faculty Meeting-committees

11 Techy Time

Relay for Life Dessert Auction.

12 Valentine's Day Parties (All parties will be at 2:30pm except 1st grade will be at 1:45pm)

15 TE Day

16-19 Book Fair

16 Spring Pictures (Classroom pictures will start at 9:30 after the Parent Prep)

Parent Prep Academy/2nd Grade Program/2nd Grade Art Show

17 Faculty Meeting-TELPAS Calibration

22 Big Kahuna Kick off and Henderson Harmonics 2:30pm

2/22 trough 3/8 Big Kahuna Spring Fundraiser

24 Conscious Discipline Reresher

26 Awards

27 Henderson Harmonics perform at the Empty Bowls


22-8 Big Kahuna Fundraiser

4 PTO Movie Night

Henderson Harmonics Perform at First Friday

14-18 Spring Break

23 Faculty Meeting-CD