By Sebastian Saenz AND Eli Boehm


We are the Italians. Our immigrant name is Italians.


We came from the country of Italy. We settled in Pittsburg city, Crawford country. Italy is located in Europe.


They left the country of Italy because it was to crowed and to many people. They also left Italy because the wages were low and there were limited education. Italians wanted to work in growing industries and to earn more money. They settled in Kansas because many coal mines surrounded the city of Pittsburg. Lastly they wanted better working conditions.


They found a lot of coal mines in Pittsburg. They found that coal mining was hard work and conditions were very dangerous. They found farms and small to big businesses.


They came in 1874 when the first coal mine opened in Pittsburg city Crawford country and that is why they settled in Kansas.

Interesting fact's!

The men immigrated more than women. In the 1920's and 1930's coal mines near Pittsburg suffered. Times were tough for Italians and technology was changing. The Italians working in coal mines moved or changed jobs.
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