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On-Page SEO Factor

Important On Page SEO Factor That You Must Include In Your Check-list .

There are plenty of websites that seem to be spectacular in design and style, but it doesn't mean it is search engine friendly. A website code is simply an element of SEO process, however, it does have a large effect on consumers. Simply because the clearly coded website has got an advantage of, Cross Browser Interface, Quicker Load Time, Much better Accessibility.

There are numerous factors such as content material, broken links, image optimization, meta description, and title, Here is some important on-page issue suggested by Indian SEO Company that you must include in your checklist:

Content Material

  1. Include keywords and phrases. use appropriate long-tail keywords.

  2. Looked at your keyword density. It must be .2%-5%

  3. Use keyword inside first 100 words.

  4. Use original content. It increases the value to your visitors in comparison with your competitors.

  5. Provide references from only Authentic websites with appropriate related anchor text?

  6. Use related Videos and Images?

Meta Tags And Description

  1. Add Page Title to each and every page

  2. Include Keyword to your Page Title.

  3. Use appropriate meta description.

  4. Include Keywords and key phrases in meta Description.

Regarding Permalink

  1. Use Keywords in Permalink URL.

  2. Make the permalink readable for the visitor.

Use Header tags

  1. Make your page title H1 tag.

  2. If you're using H1 tag other than Page Title. Change it to H2 tags.

  3. Use keyword in H2 and H3 tags,

Optimize of Image

  1. Included Alt tag for all images.

  2. Modify Image file name to include related keywords

  3. Optimize all of your images by reduction of its size.

Mobile Responsive Design

  1. Use the responsive theme to build up your website.

  2. Make your text size large enough so that is easy to read on the mobile display screen.

Internal Linking

  1. linked to other related posts inside your Blog.

  2. Use appropriate anchor-text on your internal links.

Site Load Time

  1. Checked your web Site speed with Google PageSpeed Insight. 11 MB Website should load within 4 seconds.

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