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What Am I Most Excited About? Found Object Art!

I was so excited to bump into the Jean Shin exhibit COLLECTIONS: Intimate Objects, Monumental Stories at the Phila Museum of Art. Here is how Shin describes her work: By reinserting used, familiar materials back into the public realm, I invite a large, diverse audience to bring their own histories to the work.

As you can imagine, I loved her work and her take on used objects. Please try to see this exhibit if it travels to your town.

If you are in the Phila area, you can make your own art at Sweet Mabel's Open Studio in Narberth. It's heaven-on-earth for those of us who like to tinker and make things.

Thank you + Onward! -- Gari

Mighty Writers does Mighty Good Work

I had a nice interaction with Rachel Loeper at Mighty Writers in Philly. She assured me that We accept book donations at all six of our locations. Thank you so much for keeping us in mind! We encourage all kids to start their own libraries in their homes. We also give adult books away for free at most sites -- it's a great way to make friends. Nice. They also have a pretty cool event coming up in the fall: MightyFest!

If you are getting rid of books, add Mighty Writers to your list of places to donate. Local libraries will also take them and sell them to make extra cash for the branch. You don't need to keep all your books. You just think you do.

Office + Studio Decluttering

August is the perfect month to start decluttering your work space. It makes so much sense. Things have slowed down and colleague's staggered vacations means that there are fewer interruptions and maybe fewer deadlines. Us this time to organize, clear and clean your office or studio. Start a conversation with co-workers about the use of common areas. What can be disposed of? What objects or systems have been around for ages but serve no purpose? What unused or never-to-be-used supplies can be donated?

It is a great way to access that back-to-school feeling that can lead to clear thinking and flowing energy. You might even want to get yourself a new box of crayons as a touchstone for the new year!

Gari Weilbacher's DeClutter2DeLight!

In the true spirit of interconnection, I know that when your environment is clear, you are freed up to bring your best self to the world in all ways. Visit my website to learn more. You can do this!

I look forward to meeting you soon -- Gari

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