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Week 28

3/17: PTO fundraiser Walk-a-thon (6th), one book/one school (8th/7th)

3/18: PTO fundraiser Walk-a-thon (7th), one book/one school (6th/8th)

3/19: PTO fundraiser Walk-a-thon (8th), one book/one school (7th/6th)

Look for additional directions for the Walk-a-thon later today. Advisory classes will meet at the end of the day on these days.

Also, we will have a Walk-a-thon celebration with those students who qualified on the 31st at the end of the day.

Reminder: 3rd quarter ends on this Friday.

Summer School Criteria

Currently, we are working on lists of students who will be invited to summer school.

Please be advised that we are inviting students who DNP ISTEP last school year. We are also inviting most students who scored 40% or below on the Acuity 2 Readiness assessment.

Technology Survey and PHM Technovation

Please compete the Technology Survey by Wednesday if you have not done so already.

Penn - Harris - Madison School Corporation will be hosting an IDOE Summer of eLearning conference. The conference is entitled PHM Technovation 2015 and it will be held Wednesday July 29 at Penn High School. This conference will allow P-H-M teachers and administrators to share our innovative system of making learning, not technology central to our digital initiative. We will be able to learn from one another as well as other experts in our field.

The following are links for your consideration in regards to PHM Technovation 2015. First is the official website which includes details about the conference as well as registration. Registration for PHM employees is free. You will also earn 7 PGPs for attending. The second link is to our "Call for Presenters" Google Form. The focus of Technovation 2015 is quality instruction and innovative practices to enhance student learning. We believe the strength of a conference is built on quality sessions. If you have something that you would like to present at the conference, you can click on the link and propose a session. Sessions will be approx. 50 minutes in length. PHM will pay presenters from PHM an honorarium of $100. A session running will be determined by demand for the topic presented. We are anticipating that a session will run if it has at least 10 participants.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

PHM Technovation 2015:


Earlier, Kent sent each staff member a copy of the memo below. Please be sure to complete this training. It is due May 15, 2015.

By state and federal law, WIDA standards must be implemented in all classrooms K-12. WIDA Standards are for our students who are New Language Learners.

In order to help teachers to understand WIDA and how it fits into the instruction that is already going on in their classrooms, the state of Indiana has endorsed the videos below. The videos (webinars) explain the standards and the application of these standards in the classroom.

What are we asking of our SMS teachers?

Teachers are to do each of the following during the eLearning day today or on their own.

(Teachers will have until May 15, 2015 to complete watching all 3 sections and submit the google form to their principal.)

  • Read the one-pager (see attachment),

  • watch the videos to become familiar with the content

  • Complete the linked google form.

Principals will be able to credit each teacher with 3 PGPs after completing the professional development required to be up-to-date with WIDA standards and expectations and the form is submitted.

A.) One page reader (See Attachment)

B.) The webinars can be found by clicking this links below:

Video 1 (approximately 23 minutes)

Video 2 (approximately 30 minutes)

Video 3 (approximately 22 minutes)

C.) Google Form

Energy Management

Please remember to turn off all computers before you leave each night.
Cheers for Peers: "click the button"

If you have something great to share about a colleague, please do so on this document.