The Justiss Newsletter

January 2022

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Principal's Corner

Happy New Year Justiss Families!

Time to start a new year and that means a time for fresh starts, do overs, clean slates, and resolutions!

If your student feels their first semester wasn’t the most fabulous semester it could have been and they didn’t give the effort they could have, thank goodness for a new year! Now is the time to sit down, discuss what they wish they had done better, how they can accomplish it, and how you can help them, together as a family.

This is important as a parent to help them look over the past semester and set goals for the next nine weeks, or even the whole semester. As we have our fall awards assemblies, discuss with your child if they were satisfied with the grades they received or any awards they got. If not, what would they like to work toward for the end of year awards and report cards? What are they going to do in class differently to help make this goal a reality?

Goal setting starts with conversations and will be successful with continued support from you. Together you and your child can kick off the new year with fresh goals, academic enthusiasm, and ready to be the best they can be!

Here at Justiss we wish you a very prosperous new year and sincerely hope it is a healthy one!

Your proud principal,

Reneé Elmore


Our Big Kahuna Fundraiser will kick-off at the end of January! Keep an eye out for more information. Thank you for supporting the Justiss PTO!

Reminder: All visitors must check-in with a driver’s license in the front office.

Dates to Remember:

Jan. 3rd: Staff Development/No School
Jan. 4th: Third Nine Weeks Begins

Jan. 5th: Report Cards Posted to Parent Portal
Jan. 6th: First Grade Awards Assembly 8:30 AM

Jan. 6th: Second Grade Awards Assembly 1:30 PM

Jan. 7th: Fourth Grade Awards Assembly 8:30 AM

Jan. 7th: Third Grade Awards Assembly 1:30 PM
Jan. 13th: Fourth Grade Spelling Bee 9:00 AM
Jan. 17th: MLK Holiday-No School
Jan. 24th: Progress Reports Posted to Parent Portal
Jan 25th: Second Grade PTO Program 9AM & 6PM

Congratulations to our November GROWL Award Recipient ⭐Ms. Simon⭐

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Counselor’s Connection

Hello and Happy 2022! We hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas holiday and a special New Year’s celebration! As we enter into a new year, we always begin to think of ways to be the best versions of ourselves…We all truly do desire that! It's just sometimes hard to do the things that help us to achieve that goal! We will be focusing on the very important character trait, “Self Control” during the month of January. This trait is critical in helping us all become our best selves! It has been said that self-control (or lack of it) at a young age is an important determining factor in future success. Delaying gratification, knowing when “enough is enough,” and being able to control impulses, all have an impact on other areas of life - school, health, and relationships. Talking to your children about, and encouraging self-control in a positive, fun manner will help kids see that it is an important skill for people of all ages.

Here are a few discussion starters to get the conversation about Self-Control flowing!

  • Have you ever hurt a family member or friend because of lack of self control?

  • How can using self-control protect you and others from getting hurt? (physically and/or emotionally)

  • How is anger like boiling water? What happens when your anger boils over and you lose self-control?

  • What raises your boiling point? What lowers your boiling point?

  • What is the one “thing or activity” that usually keeps you from doing what you should do?

***Make a goal to take a break from that “thing” for a week and see what all you can get done! It may be hard, but with a little Self-Control, we know you can do it!

We Believe in YOU!

Mrs.Irwin & Mrs. Little
Justiss School Counselors

Awards Assemblies

Thursday, January 6th

First Grade
8:30 AM

Second Grade

1:30 PM

Friday, January 7th

Fourth Grade
8:30 AM

Third Grade

1:30 PM