Berlin, Germany

Welcome to Berlin, Germany

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Tasty Meals

Berlin has lots of verities, fresh, and famous foods that you can try. For breakfast try some delicious apple pancakes or Ritter (German French Toast). During lunch try any type of mouth watering Butterbrot (German Sandwich). For dinner a Rinderrouladen would be a great tasting meal (Beef Rovladan). While eating your tasty meal try Germany's best tasting wine or beer, whatever you prefer. Snakes/deserts include makronens (macaroons) or schwelneohrenen ( checkered cookie) and much more. Make sure to try all these delicious meals, snakes, and beverages.


Visiting all these places can make a great memory at your visit in Berlin. The aquarium is a fun place to visit and see all the sea animals you can imagine. Art galleries have lots of beautiful paintings and get a tour around the art gallery. When your somewhere outside you will always find entertainment (music, dances, acting, and etc.) Museums have lots of history you can learn about Germany and also you can take a tour. Remember to visit all these wonderful places while enjoying it to.


There are lots of great activities you can find to do while your enjoying Berlin. The Berlin Wall is a huge part of history and a little portion is left to visit, you can take picture and climb the Berlin Wall. When your outside there are fun activities to do like horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing, skiing (winter) and much more. There are lots of tours you can take like Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein (Fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle - the model for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle, Linderhof hunting lodge castle). On a hot day a refreshing and relaxing boat ride will be nice, on a snowy day snowboarding will be a great activity to do outside. All of these outdoor activities are great whiles your visit in berlin

Amazing Historical Sights

Theres are some great places you can go once in a while. There is this awesome art festival that comes once a year in February and more than 50 nations take place in the Berlin Film Festival. There are several major theaters you can enjoy and Berlin is known for its cabarets/entertainment. While your out try going to one of the finnest orchestras you can listen to. Berlin includes a group of state museums in the Dahlem District, among them a painting gallery. These are some of the incredible historical sight you can visit.

Speaking German

There are many things you can learn about the German Language. There official language in German, but little parts of Germany is bilingual. German taught in school or in media may differ from daily conversations if dialects are spoken. English is widely understood because it is a required school subject, so people in Germany might know a little English which might be useful. Learning some German should be useful, but if not it shouldn't be ok.

Weather Forecast

The weather in Berlin is different in different seasons so, you might what to come when its cold, warm, or hot whatever temperature you enjoy. In the winter, the average is about 30 to 35 degrees and usually there are wet winters. In the summer the average temperature is about 64 to 70 degrees (mild). Whichever weather you like you can visit at the right time.


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