single as a pringle and ready to mingle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Romeo Montigue

I bench 405, squat 750, Deadlift a Mack truck. I come from a family that just gets along with the money we have. We are in a war and have been in a war with the Capulet's. The Capulet's all run scared when I show up because it's a gun show and I have to get specially made shirts that are cut off at the shoulders. My traps touch my ears. I am sixteen and I love to meet the ladies. I like to take romantic strolls with my horse on steroids. I like girls with brown hair, blue eyes, and nice straight white teeth. I like the girls names that starts with J and I don't know why I just love it. I live in Verona, Italy. My old girlfriend killed herself with a knife because she thought I was dead. I tried to save her but she stabbed herself right through the heart and she was dead within seconds. I feel into a deep depression after that and started working out hardcore. Me and my ex girlfriends families hated each other but I couldn't say no to her.
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Romeo Montigue

Thursday, April 18th 1591 at 9pm

Verona, Italy


It is my birthday and If anybody wants to hang out hit me up with some details and your information.