Plutarco Calles

By Jannely Hernandez

About Plutarco and His Story:

Plutarco was best known as a president from 1924 until 1928. He was also the governor of Sonora. Plutarco was a anti catholic religion and because of this the people did not approve of him. He made rules that mass was banned in public places. Also because of Plutarco banning mass in public places it sparked a civil war between catholic rebels and the federal government, which was said to be one of the bloodiest chapters in the 1920'3. They would protest for his to be removed from the presidency. The peoples proposal worked. Alvaro took his place. Plutarco’s main goal was to be in control of the power, that is all he really cared about was being at the top. In 1928 Alvaro was re elected president; however, he was later shot and killed. Calles had said it must have been a Cristero terrorist but rumors said the Plutarco most likely had something to do with it. On April 1936, military officers barged into plutarcos room at night and Plutarco was arrested, driven to the airport, and flown to San Antonio, Texas. His reign of Power had came to an end.