Pieter Brughel the Elder

The Nature Painter

Painter's Biography

Pieter Brughel the Elder was born into the art world in 1525, at the Dutch-Belgian border in Brenda. During his childhood, he did not have much education. As he grew older, he started to visit Rome and Antwerp, but he spent most of his time in Brussels. As he was in Brussels, he saw the beautiful landscapes that natured offered to him. He did not paint right away, but his influence to start painting were his sons. He started to paint the mountainous landscapes. After that, he started to paint whatever nature presented to him. He married an Antwerp painter's daughter in 1563. He kept to himself when he was painting, and did not have any patrons to buy his remarkable art work. After spending a lifetime in Brussels, he died in 1569. People say that his relationship and his connection to nature, could never be broken because he spent a lifetime painting it. And you can definatly see that nature greatly impacted his artwork.


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