Celeste , Brianna

how big is a serving?

There are 5 food groups ( fruits , vegetables , protein , grains , dairy. )

Ages 9-14 need 5 ounces of grains . 2 cups vegetables , 1 1/2 cups of fruits , 3 cups of dairy , and 5 ounces of protein food. this calorie level food plan is 1600 calories .


portion control can help with servings , you have to portion yourself . how many vegetables you eat , and how much grains , fruits , protein foods and dairy. So instead of going out to eat you should try to get a healthy meal and portion yourself , get a smaller plate .


Calories has a lot to do with your servings and in your diet , you need a certain amount of calories per day . Try to reach those calories by eating specific kinds of vegetables , protein and fruits . Try not to go over your calories .