My Smore Flyer


The reason I particiapate with the assessments so I can see how the head teacher does and goes about doing an assessments. While she has one on one with a student in the back of the room asking the student their colors, abc's and their numbers. The other sixteen children are with me and another teacher aid playing in learning centers.

I believe the explicit details and values in the assessment is the assessment tell the teacher what they do know and what they do not . Therefore we ca set their goals in order for them to reach them and be able to move on to pre kinder and be convident. No I believe all the assessments that I participate in has value for the students. Because we have to follow a lesson plan that is age appropriate for three to four year olds.

This is my first year as a teacher assistant so everything is new to me. So yes we are using an asessement I have no Idea how to deliver, but when I ask question the head teacher changes the subject. Therefore I have to learn everything by observing what I learn. So I believe an assessment is when you ask a student questions and you mark down what they know and what they do not.

Assessment is not about you as a teacher; it is about your students. What the head teacher does is she call the students one at a time. Then she explains every question to the student and then the student answers the question. That it is okay if they do not know the answer. But again we are working with three to four year olds . They always want to be a winner and do better than the other children. We have to explain to them that they all will have a chance with the head teacher to answer her question.

Leadership team play a key role in creating an exceptional system for assessment.

" As we head down the path of creating am exceptional system in the area of assessments, it must be noted that a leadership team on your site has to play a key role in its development."

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