BU and Semester Terms

New calendar starting the 16-17 school year

Dear BU Community,

We are writing to let you know of a scheduling change at Boulder Universal.

The BU staff has considered what the most appropriate timeline is for students to complete their courses and has decided that beginning with the 2016-17 school year, we will deliver content on a semester timeline as in most other BVSD high schools. This means that full time BU students will take 6 courses at a time, spread over an entire semester, rather than 3 classes at a time each quarter. Hybrid students will still have 3 courses with BU, but they will all be scheduled at the same time and spread over an entire semester.

We expect the change from quarters to semesters to allow students more depth of learning and teachers a chance to create more opportunities for cross-curricular learning as well. In addition, a change to semesters will provide a more seamless transition for hybrid students as they enter and exit the hybrid enrollment option.

We will continue to offer flexibility to students in how they schedule their days, as well as regular interim deadlines to help them meet final semester deadlines.

Please contact us with questions/concerns and planning.

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