Education Apps for K-12

Mobile Learning! Try them out!


This tool allows the collaboration of multiple online tools and resources for students to use to create a presentation, online multimedia poster board or use as a way to organize online information and resources.


This app can be used on an iPad, iPhone, tablet or computer. Students and teachers can use Instapaper to save webpages to go back to later. This is a great tool to save resources and articles. Students can access these articles anywhere, anytime. I can see its practical application for students doing projects or bookmarking webpages like math games, or science experiments they are interested in.


This is an excellent site for students and teachers to clip, save resources and share. Students can create their own online portfolio and can connect to their Google account. Teachers can also create boards and share them with their students and differentiate content for students and can monitor their process.


Prezi is a great online program to create presentations. Students can show links between information and use their creativity within the template they choose.

Below is an example of a Prezi it is a screenshot of the homepage of the Prezi I created.


This app helps students to stay organized. Keeping webpages, lists, photos, videos all in one place. Evernote can be used and accessed anywhere, anytime. It also give the option to collaborate and share with classmates or the teacher.