4th Grade News

September 28 - October 2, 2015

Dates to Remember

  • Wednesday, Sept. 30: Text Structures test
  • Thursday, Oct. 1: Science test - Earth, Moon, Sun
  • Friday, Oct. 2: Fundraiser packets due
  • Friday, Oct. 2: Early Release
  • Friday, Oct. 2: Fall Festival
  • Thursday, Oct. 8: Field trip permission slips and money due

Our First Field Trip!

  • Students brought home field trip information and permission slips Friday. We are asking that you please fill out the permission forms and make your payments ASAP. The deadline for turning in field trip forms will be next Thursday, October 8th. This is a school performance only; unfortunately no parent chaperones will be allowed to attend. However, we would love for parents to join us on our next field trip to Raleigh this spring.
  • We are encouraging parents to make payments online at www.K12paymentcenter.com. If you are unable to pay online you may send $8.00 in exact change to the school - cash or check.

Math News

This week we will continue our unit on addition and subtraction of whole numbers. We will use the standard algorithm and estimation. We will also work on fact fluency. Students will also continue to practice those skills already taught through spiral review. There is so much to cover in math this year!

Language Arts News

We will finish our study on text structures. Students should be familiar with the five different text structures, and should be looking for signal words as they read nonfiction texts. We will have a test on Wednesday.

After the test, students will be completing a writing assignment integrating their expert topic (from the text features booklet) and the five text structures as they create and write their own brochure. Students have had class time over the last two weeks to write their paragraphs; however some students chose to write paragraphs unrelated to their expert topics. These students may have to do some writing at home!

Science News

Students will learn to explain the monthly changes in the appearance of the moon based on the moon’s orbit around the earth. We will have a test on Thursday and complete a special project on Friday. Our "Birthday Moon" project is due October 1 - please pay attention to the grading rubric and turn in your BEST work!

Donations Needed!

For our special moon project on Friday, we need donations of chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos, but do not have to be Oreos brand). Please send in a pack of cookies with your scholar by Thursday.

Secret Phrase

This week's secret phrase is "Fall Festival Fun on Friday!" Please write the secret phrase in your scholar's agenda, and he or she will receive a small treat.
Besides being a 3rd grade Common Core math standard, learning multiplication is an essential part of our child’s elementary education. Students who have mastered multiplication gain a solid foundation in mathematics that will help them throughout middle school, high school and beyond. Students who have not mastered their tables will very often fall behind in math (and other subjects that use math) and begin to lose confidence.

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Curriculum Resources for the Week

Subtraction Box Trick
Identifying Text Structures Video
Moon Phases Song