Virginia is where you feel free in what you believe in

Reasons of settlement

english land owners,skilled laborers.

Virginia's Religion

The Church of England

The Church of England is also called the Anglican church, and was established by Henry VIII because he wanted a divorce. Like Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism is, historically, a religious tradition, meaning that great emphasis is placed on observing a formal devotional regimen—the celebration of saints’ days and other holy days, the performance of elaborate, dramatic ceremonies, the conduct of worship by reciting set prayers—all accompanied by organ music and choral singing and led by priests wearing elaborate clothes. And, like Roman Catholics, Anglicans have always favored elegantly constructed churches with ornately decorated interiors. The purpose of all this outward show is to instill those attending worship with a sense of awe and piety. Anglicans stress the capacity of humankind, enlightened by reason, to earn salvation by leading upright, moral lives

The Virgina Government

The government is based on self governing which means that they could chose their own governor. You are allowed to choose your own representative to represent your colony of Virginia for England. Even better, gather crops in a faster rate with the new African slaves enslaved from Africa. The best part is the Virginia House of Burgesses has passed a law making African workers slaves for life.

Geography of Virginia

Our coastal lowlands provide oppurtunities for farming. Slaves can be bought to work on your plantations. Your plantations can be sowed with cash crops of your choice. Our wooded mountains present opputunities for logging.

Climate of Virginia

This area has a few cold winters, and cold air masses arrive over the mountains, but this is only featured in one season of the year, winter. The rest of the year has plenty of hot and humid weather, perfect for growing plenty of cash crops. This will earn you plenty of money, from crops such as tobacco, cattle, grain, and lumber. A few hurricanes may enter Virginia during the winter, but these will quickly pass.