steps for division


1.first you have to see what the division problem is then estimate to the nearest ten

for example of a problem would be 128 divided by 25. you have to put the 25 outside the house and 128 inside the house you have to brake the number 128 up witch would be kept as 128 because 12 is to small and 12 is still to small so you would keep it as 128

4.then you see how many times 128 can go into 25 witch would be 5 times and you get 125

5. then you have to carry the 5 to the top of the house.

6.then you subtract the 125 and the 128

7.then after you subtract you get 3. so you put a small r and it becomes 5 r 3

8.and if you don't want a remainder than you put a 0 next to the 128 then draw an arrow down by the 3 and the 3 becomes a 30.then you see how many times 25 can go into 30.

9.if you ever have a decimal point before you do the problem carry the decimal to the top of the house.So the steps we did were divide,multiply,subtract bring down.

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