By Caylie Dilley

types of hieroglyphics.

There are 2 types hieroglyphics.

One is Hieratic. Hieratic is written side to side. This is usually written on papyrus rolls or sheets. Also it has been written on bits of pottery and stone. It was written with a reed brush and ink.

Another type is Demotic. Demotic is written up and down. There was a section of this form of hieroglyphics written on the Rosetta Stone.

website: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/writing.htm

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do you know how the Egyptians used Hieroglyphics?

Egyptians have used hieroglyphics to represent sounds and ideas.

"Priests used hieroglyphs to write down prayers, magical texts, and texts related to life after death and worshiping the gods."

Hieroglyphics has been written on tombs as a guide for the after world.

website: http://history-world.org/hieroglyphics.htm

Did Egyptians form any other kinds of writing?

Yes they made other forms of writing.

One of them were called Coptic.

Coptic was used for helping scholars study and teach Hieroglyphics.

website: http://www.ancient-egypt-online.com/ancient-egyptian-hieroglyphics.html

how does this form of writing effect us today?

Today it effects us because without them making writing happen, writing may not have been possible today. That is because whenever people saw this, it gave more ideas to create writing.